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Welcome, I’m Émile… And I hate talking about myself. Frankly, I’ve never been good at it. But here goes something:  


I grew up a shy, bookish tomboy in a sleepy New England town —but you wouldn’t guess it from looking at me now. Once I got to college, I realized I had quite the knack for turning heads! Present-day, I love feeling delicate, precious, cherished. Give me a great pair of heels, and I can take on anything. Although that grounded, mischievous, tomboy who’s not afraid to get dirty is very much still a part of me ;)



My friends would describe me as a good listener, open-minded, fiercely loyal, and endlessly curious. Getting to know people from all walks of life is truly one of my favorite parts about being Émile. When together, you’ll find me engaging, affectionate, and open-minded. I revel in the secrecy, the fantasy, the reprise from reality. I adore being adored and adoring. That moment when our eyes meet and our cheeks flush over a glass of Sancerre, you’ll see what I mean. Most importantly, there is nothing I love more in a counterpart than curiosity—check your inhibitions at the door.  


My naturally precocious tendencies have sent me off on many adventures, Émile James being my latest. From riding on motorcycles through Guatemala to working at art galleries in Paris to train hopping across Morocco. My love of travel is my compass in life. Along the way, I’ve learned to slow down and revel in the unexpected, to stay for that last glass of wine.

When off-duty from my Bond Girl responsibilities, I enjoy losing at chess, reading in the bath, and napping in the sun with my puppy. Beyond that, I keep a full schedule practicing photography, sculpture, and pilates. I’m also looking at masters programs and adore professionals who have something to teach me. Who knows, maybe I have something to teach you too.  


A romantic at heart, a rebel of thought, I might be a walking contradiction– but aren’t all the best things in life?  


I hereby welcome you to be a part of my latest adventure. I’ve had breakfast in Paris, lunch in Rome, dinner in London. But where and what we have for dessert.. well that’s up to you.   

Small Strokes

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